We continue our Mother’s Day Q&A series with a true talent: Shannon Althin, co-founder of Natti Natti and mom to Emma (6), and Luke (4). Shannon is one of those inspiring women with entrepreneurial chops, an incredible eye for design, and the ability to not take things too seriously. Because at the end of the day, all Shannon really wants to do is have an ice cream dance party at home with the kids and her husband.

We’ve been fans of Natti Natti since they launched. Their Swedish-American roots show in the personality of the designs – thoroughly modern and clean, fun and friendly, and oh so lovely. They started with organic bedding for babies & children, and have expanded their collection to include floor pillows, art prints, growth charts and more. They continue keeping their production proudly local — all their goods are made in Brooklyn in small batches.

We catch up with Shannon about the highs and lows of motherhood, business life, and life near Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

If you were picking, what would you be getting for Mother’s Day?

A massage would be so welcomed these days, hehe.

What’s your most embarrassing mom story?

Ha! There is one that sticks out when our daughter was potty training. We were heading to the park when she announced she had to go number 2! There was no bathroom around and well — when you got to go, you got to go. It’s hard to tell a kiddo to hold it when they are potty training. We ended up holding a blanket around her while she did her business on the sidewalk by a tree. It was embarrassing, lol.

A recent proud moment?

Oh, everyday there is something that makes me so proud! Today the kids had a little photoshoot and I just felt so proud watching them. I still can’t believe we made those precious human beings.

What advice can you give to other moms who are starting a business?

It’s not always an easy road but the hard work and late nights will pay off. I think it’s a wonderful thing for our kids to see us chasing our dreams and doing something that makes us happy.

You juggle so many different things, what helps you stay organized?

I am still working on that, haha. One thing I do that really helps is write all my thoughts out on the chalkboard wall. I have a hard time shutting off and my thoughts are always racing from one thing to another. It helps to physically write it down and there is a relief that I can release that for now and move on to something else. It’s old school but I like the action of writing it all down on a chalkboard wall. It’s satisfying and feels like an accomplishment in itself!

What’s in store for Natti Natti in the next few months?

We have a new home collection launching late Summer and I’m so excited about it! This collection was really designed with families in mind and we are looking forward to debuting some new pieces for everyone that can be used though out the entire home. Let’s just say we are “cooking” up something good 😉

It’s Saturday morning, you have no plans. What’s your ideal day in Brooklyn with the kid(s)?

It would be a lazy morning at home making breakfast with the kids! Then we’d head to the Prospect Park to spend the afternoon outside! Maybe bikes and a picnic in tow. We would wind down the day with dinner at home or maybe out for sushi or tacos! After, ice cream and a dance party in our living room 🙂

Don’t miss Shannon & Natti Natti and our upcoming Cut & Crafted Summer show at Industry City! June 9 + 10 at the Factory Floor.

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