Last week during one of these odd flash storms we’ve been having, I noticed a package by my neighbor’s door that had been getting quite a shower. I took it inside my place so it wouldn’t keep getting rained on, but it was already in pretty bad shape. Weather damage, along with porch piracy, is becoming a commonplace problem now that we all rely so much on online shopping. CITIBIN is on a mission to fix this with PARCELBIN, their newest addition to their modular outdoor storage line.

From their base at Industry City, CITIBIN designs and manufacturers prefabricated and custom enclosures for outdoor storage that are both durable and attractive. PARCELBIN is a natural extension to their line of trash enclosures, born out of customer feedback. With the rise of online shopping and deliveries, customers asked for CITIBIN to version its trash enclosure to incorporate storage for packages. After prototyping and pilot testing, PARCELBIN just became available nationwide through CITIBIN’s online store. It’s the perfect solution for both city and suburban dwellers who make a lot of online purchases and can’t orient their busy schedules to be home for parcel deliveries.

PARCELBIN’s story started with a problem that CITIBIN took it upon themselves to solve, and that’s really how the company got their start in the first place. Their founder, Liz Picarazzi, has a knack for solving problems and making things. That natural ability (and a sharp business head) led her to quit the corporate marketing world and start her first company, Checklist Home Services.

Checklist was born out of Liz’s frustration with finding quality handyman services. Today Checklist offers a pain-free experience to homeowners all around NYC. After having shaken up a male-dominated industry, Liz began planting the seeds for CitiBin in 2012 – on her own front porch.

Trash and recycling storage is usually an afterthought, even with new buildings. New Yorkers are used to freestanding garbage bins dotted along the loveliest of tree-lined streets. It is what it is… but it doesn’t need to be. When Liz looked for a recycling and trash management solution for her Brooklyn home, she was dismayed with the limited options on the market. Plastic, wooden and metal enclosures tend to degrade quickly outside. Many looked like miniature barns, not the aesthetic she was going for. Not one to accept the status quo, Liz took it upon herself to build a trash enclosure that was both durable and attractive. Her solution was such a hit in her community that the entrepreneur in her knew she was on to something, and she started CITIBIN as a sister company to Checklist Services.

CITIBIN’s solutions transform not just curb appeal, but quality of life for the communities they’re in. Extensive thought and testing have gone into every feature. Made of aluminum and recycled bamboo composite, the frame won’t warp, the doors won’t slam, the screws won’t rust. Every detail was designed to be attractive, durable, and user-friendly. The company recently did an experiment to see if rats in a heavily infested alley could eat their way into a trash enclosure baited with double-sausage pizza. They failed, as evidenced by ultraviolet video surveillance that Liz plans to use in a CITIBIN marketing campaign.

Want to check out CITIBIN & PARCELBIN for yourself? Find them this weekend at Cut & Crafted Brooklyn Summer, right in their backyard at Industry City’s Factory Floor.

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